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Metal stud framing is commonplace in both commercial and residential construction. Typically, a track is mounted to the ceiling and the floor and studs are inserted into and attached to the track using screws.

Once the studs are installed, a wall is formed by attaching drywall also known as gypsum board, to the studs. “VersaDry track” is a new product which will change the way we do construction and have far reaching benefits. It helps eliminate the extreme wastefulness of gypsum board on the job site, and the proliferation of mold growth in drywall construction as it is constructed today.

The current way of installing drywall 5/8 of an inch off the floor and then smoke/firecaulking the void is not effective in stopping the wicking of water, and is extremely costly and also leaves an aesthetically undesirable finish.

VersaDry LLC has the patent and the solution to rectify these problems. VersaDry’s patented system allows the installation of Drywall to sit 2 inches off the floor on a steel shelf. This shelf mitigates the wicking of water both during construction and the life of the building. This is a huge benefit to owners, with the very real potential of reduced insurance premiums.

Unique solution for all wall type assemblies


VersaDry equipped buildings can now withstand common leaks which requires the removal and reinstallation of drywall and applied finishes.

The uniqueness of VersaDry’s two-piece assembly allows for it to be used for all wall type assemblies from 2x3 through 2x12. VersaDry's two-piece componentry also allows for stack ability, and reduced volume for both shipping and on site storage.

The VersaDry track comes in a non-rated track, and both one hour and two hour versions; both which have passed Fire resistance testing according to ASTM E119 Specifications.

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VersaDry comes in 10 foot lengths. Our product is produced in the USA and is manufactured using 26 gauge G40 galvanized steel. The VersaDry track comes in a 

non-rated and both 1 and 2 hour versions, both which have passed fire resistant testing according to ASTM 119 specifications, under UL no. U423 design criteria. VersaDry has also passed all sound tests according to ASTM E90-09 and ASTM E413-16. 

VersaDry has even been stated to be "one of the BEST sound tracks in America"!


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