About Us

Our History


VersaDry LLC is a newly formed company. VersaDry track is the invention of Doug Aitken, one of VersaDry LLC’s owners. Doug has 35+ years in the construction industry. Doug has managed over two billion in construction during his career. He has built a Convention Center (Connecticut), a NFL Football stadium (Philadelphia Eagles) and one of the largest Cancer Centers on the East coast (the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania). He has also, constructed or consulted on four Proton Treatment Centers in the USA.

The other strategic partner has been in the fabrication business for over sixty years and is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

We believe our strength is in the makeup and diversity of the team. We have over 120 years of working experience in our dedicated fields: both in construction and fabrication. We have a patent that is totally unique to the industry, and an absolute solution to a problem which has wreaked havoc upon the industry for decades. We understand and live in the marketplace.

The extreme wastefulness which occurs during construction and the installation of the drywall is usually buried in the “general conditions” cost of the contract, and can be extremely high. There is literally millions of dollars of drywall and drywall remediation labor spent each year. This is expensive on the owner’s pocket, and the moldy drywall is filling our landfills. VersaDry LLC was voted top 10 most innovative green product in America.