Penn Medicine-Department of Physical Plant

I am writing to inform you that Doug Aitken’s product, VersaDry Track System has been awarded one of the top 10 innovative construction products for 2018 by Build Green. He came up with this idea during the construction of the Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine. It upset him to see hundreds of thousands of dollars of dry wall going into the trash due to water leaks during construction.
From a Facilities perspective, I can see the benefits of using this product far beyond the initial construction. Having dealt with hundreds of leaks/floods during my career, I can attest to the impact that they have on an occupied healthcare facility. It is not only the millions of dollars wasted on repair and remediation but the impact of patient care as well. Not to mention the concern about mold and the health of our patients.
This product is currently being used at TJU, Virtua and is presently in the specifications for the new INSPIRA facility. It is also being considered for all new construction at the Cooper Hospital. This is a product that is perfect for any job utilizing drywall. Not only could it save money during construction, it has the potential to save millions over the course of the life of the building.
I would recommend this product be considered when addressing upcoming and/or present construction needs.
Very truly yours,
Francis J. Connelly, CHFM
Assistant Executive Hospital Director

Hunt Construction Group, Inc. AN AECOM COMPANY

We have reviewed with interest the technical information you have developed and provided regarding the VersaDry Framing Track system.
As you are aware, the continuing problems associated with moisture I wetness, i.e. mold intrusion in drywall construction for new projects continues to be an industry problem especially in healthcare.
By all accounts, it seems that your VersaDry system will provide an economical and “schedule friendly” solution, please keep us abreast of your progress in bringing this product to market.
Sincerely yours,
Robert S. Aylesworth, Jr.
Executive Vice President
Array Architects

Array Architects

I had our Quality Control Department review the VersaDry framing track system and we heartily recommend you pursue acquiring testing laboratory approvals. If you can bring your product to market, Array will specify it in all eight (8) regional offices.
Your VersaDry framing track system differentiates itself from other partition track systems in preventing mold on gypsum wall board (GWB), and it is efficient in storing and facilitates brevity in construction schedules.
Mold is becoming an increasingly significant concern of healthcare providers, designers and contractors and I believe your product can tap into the zeitgeist of mold prevention and become very successful.
Please keep me informed of your progress in bringing this product to market.
George Shmidheiser
Principal, COO


Having spent some time reviewing the VersaDry framing track system that you have designed and developed, we believe that this is a good product with several potential benefits for the construction industry.
It appears to offer value both in reducing waste and speeding construction by avoiding costly remediation and also providing a better performing, longer-lasting wall.
This is the type of product that our clients in the healthcare and research realms would appreciate. They all are enormously concerned about mold growth in these environments. If this product were readily available, Ballinger would definitely consider specifying the product, even at a premium price. Please keep us informed of your progress in bringing this product to market.
Best regards,
Eric W. Swanson, AIA, NCARB

TSOI/Kobus & Associates

We have reviewed the VersaDry framing track system you have designed and developed, and believe it is a good product with many potential benefits for construction projects.
It will simplify and accelerate wall installation, particularly in research and health care environments with moisture and cleanliness issues and provide a superior finish condition. This configuration provides separation of vulnerable gypsum wallboard from potential wetness, uniform support for flooring to wall transition materials, and consistent flatness and appearance.
Our clients would be most appreciative of this product, and TK&A would definitely consider specifying this system, even at a premium material cost, because of the installation and long-term maintenance cost savings.
J. Erik Mollo-Christensen
Perkins Eastman

Perkins Eastman

Our technical department has been looking for a solution to the problem of moisture and infection control at the base of gypsum board walls, and the VersaDry framing track system, designed and developed by you, seems like it will be a product that will accomplish this.
We are looking forward to including this system in our specifications for future healthcare work when it becomes available in the construction marketplace.
Mary-Jean Eastman FAIA, MRAIC, IIDA
Principal and Director

Rafael Viñoly Architects

We have spent a considerable time reviewing the VersaDry framing track system that you have designed and developed. It is a superior product that will guarantee high quality, problem free construction during the initial build and for years of use.
If this product were readily available, even at a premium price, we would include it in all of our specifications for both speculative and institutional projects. I am convinced that it will eliminate waste and damage to projects during construction and help eliminate mold growth and costly remediation.
VersaDry track will speed the construction schedule and provide long-term satisfaction to building users.
Please keep me informed of your progress in bringing this product to the market so that we can begin specifying it on our projects.
Jay Bargmann AIA NCARB
Vice President
Rafael Viñoly Architects